I just found a Christmas ornaments I wanted to tell people about.  MacKenzie Childs has an adorable black and white sweater wearing cardigan ornament. If anyone else has seen any, I'd like to know about it, as I definitely need at least one new one for my tree.

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Wow - $68 for an ornament!
I have the one that appears on the Frontgate link. (Although I got it someplace else; "Tails by the Lake".) You had a choice of tri or red/white Pem. Got it last year to celebrate Madoc's first Christmas with the family. It will go on a prominent part of the tree again this year. I loved the one with the Cardi in the sweater. Does it come in Pem as well??
I couldn't find the specific one you are talking about. But I did find a listing with like 87 other ones lol!!



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