CorgiPals is running an auction via Facebook to help out the six (!) corgis in need at the moment.  Please stop by and bid on things....lots of cute stuff.  Here's the site (I hope):


Thanks everyone!

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I bought some toys from the last auction and it was really neat to get a present in the mail! She is running the auction on facebook this time and I don't know facebook at all. If you wanted to bid on an item what do you do? PS, if anyone has stuff to donate, or knows someone who might, please help out. corgiPals does great stuff.

Snickmom, it's pretty easy.  Go to the link I posted and click on one of the items.  Bids are being made in the comments part of each picture.  You can flip through the pictures by clicking the right or left arrow on the side of the pics.  You'll see in the comments how folks are doing it.  I put a couple things up for auction...some locally fresh roasted todiefor coffee beans and some corgi face cloths I can knit.

There are 6 lowriders right now that need help, hence the auction.  Folks are getting to know corgipals...Paige does wonderful work.

Ellen: Imagine you are teaching a pup something new and you have to click for each baby step..... I see your face cloths, and would like to make a bid. How do i add a comment?

Snickmom: Sign into your Facebook account (I understand how you feel. This is the first time I've actually used my account! lol), find the item you want to bid on from the link Ellen provided, there it will give you a larger version of the picture and an area on the right with the description and some comments. At the bottom of all the comments people are leaving should show your name and a place to put your own comment. Type in what you want to say then hit your "return" key. This will post your comment. Post on this thread if you still need help. :)

I'm sorry, Snickmom.  I totally understand...I''m not good with FB at all, either.  Gail explained what you need to do better than I did.  You may have to make a FB account which you could do and then delete it after if you don't want to keep it. and Corgipals have nice pages that I visit often.  Gobs of other corgi sites, too.

Oh!!! If there have been several bids, Snickmom, you have to scroll down the comments list.  It's a scroll bar like the one on this page, but much thinner and just to the immediate right of the comments, not the main scrollbar that's on FB itself.  It's thin and for me, hard to click on but it'll scroll the comments/bids list down for you.

Ok, lets all laugh at the old lady trying to learn facebook. I had set up an account last week because I wanted to interact with a local corgi group. Our page is:   I logged into my site and then went to the auction page and my profile and facebook name does not show up, although I do get a place to add a comment. I asked my teenage son to help, and he didn't know why either.

Snickmom, since I'm an old lady, too, I'm sure not laughing at you!  Truly, I understand.  Facebook does weird stuff all the time!!!!  Did you try to add a comment and it wouldn't post?  If it doesn't work and before the frustration level gets too high (believe me, I've been there!) contact Paige directly via her email.  She's a very nice person.

By the way, I love the picture of Snickers you have on your FB page!  What a cute face.


I made a few bids. There is some really cool stuff over there. :)

New items have been added and more will be added.  Please check it out if you have a chance.

Lots of great stuff and all to benefit corgis! Definitely worth checking out and bidding!!


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