I know you're out there! (There's actually a lot of you!)

With so many corgis in Orange County, I think we need another corgi meet other than the one on Sundays in Huntington Beach. I've recently started started going to the Irvine Bark Park-- it's grassy, shaded, and the people are friendly. 

Corgis show up all the time-- we should organize something! I know my Donny has a lot more fun when fellow lowriders are around-- (admit it, corgis get bored with a lot of those other breeds...)

Anyone want to come? 


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I would be up for this. Irvine is a lot closer to me than Huntigton is. :P I've been taking Ella to the Laguna Beach park in my free time. It has grass and the small dog area has shade. The people are also way nice. We haven't tried Irvine yet. It will definitely go on our list.
I've heard good things about Laguna, I'll have to check it out!

Even if we can't get a meetup scheduled right away, Donny and I usually go to Irvine around 5:30 on weekdays. Maybe we'll see you there!


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