I am having some major anxiety about starting a new job. I knew it was something that was going to happen eventually, but I was looking for something part-time when a full time career opportunity that I couldn't refuse just fell in my lap. Ein is turning 7 months old tomorrow and I start my job on Monday. Luckily my mom only works 2 days a week and can watch her the other 3, but that leaves Thurs and Fridays with no one home for like 9 hours. Her average holding time (during the day) is like 5-6 hours. I'm panicked at the thought of my baby being stuck in her crate for 9 hours with no relief, I have no one though that can come let her out. With this new job I can afford to send her to doggy daycare probably 1 day a week, but that still leaves one other day that I don't know what I'm gonna do. I'd secure her crate up against the doggy door if we didn't have another dog that used it. Does anyone with experience crating their dogs while at work have any advice or words of comfort for me.

I feel like I made a commitment to this puppy and now am just tossing that aside. This is not gonna be fun. I'm gonna miss her.


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I just wanted to let everyone know that my first week at work went really well. My mom watched her 3 days, my husband watched her 2 days, so I only had to crate her 1 day (yes I'm working 6 days a week). Because I'm working so many hours, my work has been great about letting me take a long lunch (sometimes over an hour). I live just over 4 miles from work, so I just came home for lunch and let her out. She had no accidents and surprisingly calmed down fairly quickly and went back into her crate when I asked her to. I would have sworn she would resist. Well now I know. My mom has agreed to continue to have her over 3 times a week, and normally my husband will only be able to watch her on Sat. So I think I'll send her to doggy day care the first day, and crate her the next (since it's 2 days in a row). Now that I see she does well, I'm much less stressed out about it. I just miss her soooooo much. It could be worse. At least I like my job. Well there you have it. It's all worked out. Thanks again for all your feedback. I miss being able to waste time on mycogi too. I hope everyone is doing well. Take care.




Glad to hear everything is going well.  Hip Hip Horray!! :)
I applaud your efforts on behalf of your dog!  At the risk of being unpopular, it is NOT all right to crate dogs 8 to 10 hours on a regular basis!  This can be rationalized every which way, but your initial major anxiety about it was right on target and spurred you into finding better alternatives.  Good for you and for your dog.

I agree with Anna.....hells bells, I can't hold my bladder for 8 hours, it's hard for me to expect my dogs to do so, as well.  I'm retired now so I don't need to worry, but when I was working (some days for 14 hours straight...that includes a very long commute) I had a couple piddle pads in a designated spot for my three corgis.   They weren't in a crate but had free run of the house (they weren't puppies anymore, though, so had matured enough not to chew up stuff and things) and if they had to go, they ALWAYS used the pads.  Needless to say, they were happy to see me home, but there never were any accidents or anything....the pads were used, but nowhere else.


It sounds like it's working out great for you, Heather, and it's awesome that you have a reasonable workplace that allows an extended lunch.  Good for you and the poopster!

I use the ex-pen attached to the crate if I think I am going to be gone too long.

Basically Bugsy is a lazy bum & just sleeps curled up in his crate all day. That's where I find him when I come home every day. I even leave him chewies & they lay there untouched - until I get home. I think he spends part of the day lazing on the couch too.

Boy do I get the "pitiful me - you should feel guilty!" stare every morning that I go to work. He looks at me from the hall, around a corner. It is really quite pathetic... (after that I'm sure he hits the couch)

I too just started a new job. Franklin has spent the last 2 years going to work with me and/or only being left home when I'm at school for a max of 4 hours. My new job requires 10-12 hour shifts and I was FREAKING OUT before starting. I've been at it for 2 weeks and Franklin has done excellent. On my 12 hour days I have arranged for a friend to come walk him mid-day and/or take him over to her house. I only have a 1/2 hour lunch and work is 25 min away so no way can I come let him out. I generally just leave a bunch of interactive toys on the ground and when I'm leaving for the day he could care less because he is so busy with his toys. I leave the patio door open so he can go outside if he has too, but so far he has held it until I come home. I'm so proud of him and have found that all my anxiety was for nothing. He is beside himself when I get home and has done great as long as I take him for his hour play session at the river before or after work everyday.

Last week I had to crate Ein 2 days in a row, and after I got home from work that 2nd day, she was out of control crazy and disobedient (even with a 1 hr mid day break). So now I know that 2 days in a row is her limit. I've been sending her to doggy daycare once a week, and she LOVES it. She starts getting really excited in the car when we get close, and she pulls my arm off trying to get inside as fast as possible. They love her there too, and she comes home complete worn out, and has no complaints about getting crated the following day. My mom also loves having her over, and I'm pretty sure Ein thinks we have joint custody. LOL She walks around my mom's house and yard like she owns the place. She is a really happy, well adjusted dog and I have been fortunate to have everything work out so well. 


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