I’m not sure if this posted already—my last entry disappeared after typing. My corgi just turned 10 and over the last 6 months has developed several complex health issues. She has many  symptoms of cushings but has not tested positive in any of the many tests she has undergone so far.  The vet also said she has a kidney issue PLN protein losing nefrapathy and high blood pressure. She has been given meds for the high blood pressure and fish oils for the other symptoms. Has any one had a corgi with either of these issues? She also has an enlarged liver (symptomatic with cushings as well) any and all input is greatly appreciated please let me know how you went about helping your dog. Thank you for your help. Lulu’s mommy - Mary. 

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Mary, I don't have any experience with this. Sorry to hear about what LuLu is going through. I hope you are able to get some answers.

Thank you so much for your response and well wishes ❤️

My Redford just got diagnosed with Cushings.  He had a poor liver panel when they tested him.  The only thing I can tell you is that if your girl has Cushings, it is really managable.  A friend of mine's dog had Cushings and it was one pill per week.

The liver issue is more difficult.  I had to give Redford medication to clean out his liver.  The only drawback to that medication was that he started to pee a lot-but he was flushing out the toxins.

Good luck.


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