Dallas/Ft Worth TX Area : 6 yr old Corgi needs home ASAP

Not sure i'm posting this in the right place or if it is even allowed but it is worth a try...

Fred is a 6 year old red and white Welsh Corgi. See his pic attached. His owner needs to place him in a loving home due to some personal reasons. She is moving in with her daughter and kids which have 3 dogs and a cat already. There is no room for 2 more dogs and she can't ask the grandkids to seperate from their dogs. She is sacrificing. :( I adopted his sister yesterday and have a Corgi at home already. I couldn't take them both. His sister is quite possibly the sweetest thing on this earth.


If anyone has any ideas of where else we can post this please let me know. Please forward on to anyone that might be interested.


Thank you!!! 

dallastar02 @ yahoo dot com



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What a cute face, there are several corgi rescues in texas maybe she could contact them here are their websites


I have tweeted about him and sent out e-mails to friends in Tx. I hope that dear boy gets a home soon.
He's sweet. I wish I lived in Texas :( Best of luck to this handsome lad.
Thanks everyone! She is aware of the North Texas rescue and will be calling them if she doesnt find a home in the next few days.
I keep looking for a home for him he looks so sweet. He will be such a wonderful fur child to love. Let us know if he gets a home please.
Oh oh oh oh let me try to convince the boyfriend! I would LOVE a second Corgi.
If not, I had a coworker tell me today he wants a Corgi. I will ask him tomorrow!
I always wanted 2! Having a second is so awesome! I just love it. Let me know what your co-worker says :)
I have a few people that may be interested. I'm just waiting for them to get back to me. Unfortunately, my boyfriend could not be convinced or I would have him home with me already lol.
I sent out the link to this to a bunch of people, hopefully someone responds. The few people I was hoping could take him ended up not being able to. :(
Married for 19 years, I have found it's always easier to say I'm sorry than it is to ask permission.:)
I'd love to have him, but my present Corgi enjoys being an only child I think. SO tempting though....


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