I always wanted to have Dee Dee 's pictures done professionally.  When Melissa and Franklin posted their photo shoot with the Purple Collar Pet Photography, I knew this guy was it for Dee Dee too!!  He is in Sacramento/Davis, CA area, but he will probably go to bay area too if requested.  This is not his main job (almost like a hobby?), but he does such a great job, I thought it should be.  Price is reasonable ($150 for the shoot), and the shots are great.  Please have a look...


Sorry.  I originally posted this on the blog section, but I wanted more people to see how beautiful my girl is aging... so I decided to post on the discussion.  You can never see too many Corgi photos, right?  :p

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What great pictures!   I remember thinking that when Melissa had posted the pics of Franklin... I'm going to have to make a trip up to that area to try and get pics of Chewey (though not sure he'll be quite as cooperative as DeeDee or Franklin were ;->). 

The photographer is really patient.  I really wanted the "smelling flower" shot, and Dee Dee probably didn't behave as well as Franklin did... but it came out fine, and looks like she did great!  The truth is, she didn't.  He took lots of pictures, and picked the best ones.  We made her run the field quite a bit, so she was tired, and pretty mellow by the end.  If you look on his website, there's a chocolate lab... that's his dog, so he knows about dogs.  He is truly amazing!  I hope you do get a chance to take Chewey's pictures with him!!  

Franklin is my little model but Kirby is a pain in the butt! We did a shoot with Kirby and it took 3 hours and he was SOOOOOOOOOOOO much more patient with Kirby than I was lol! Kirby has a serious case of ADHD so AJ had about 1/16 of a second to set up and take a shot. You can see though from the pictures of Kirby that it looked like he was a perfect angel!

Then maybe there's hope for us ;->     It would be really cool to have some good pics, so I'll have to see about making a trip up that way this summer and see if I can get something setup.

If you are still in Santa Cruz, the photographer said he doesn't mind traveling out there since he's getting married soon in next town...  Please let me know if you want to get in touch with him.  :)  

I mean, he may not have to charge you the travel fees if he's going there anyway.  He said he can just extend one of his trips there...  :)  

We are still in Santa Cruz, so that would be great...  It would be fun to have professional pics taken on/near the beach, since he's such a beach dog (he gets to go to the beach at least once if not twice a day).  Should I just contact him on his web-site or do you have other contact info for him?

Just sent you are friend request with message!  

Got it, thanks! 

Dee Dee is gorgeous! I'm still in shock she is 12, she is looking good for her age. (I'm going to have to line up a photo shoot for Noodles with a pet photographer one of these times.) I love how all the pictures capture the corgi smile and personality. Don't worry about the ears going back, Noodles does this exact same thing when he is happy or running. Thanks for sharing!

Dee Dee is gorgeous! Such a pretty, pretty girl! 

Those are some seriously fantastic pictures!

Love the pics!!!!  Thank you for sharing! ;)


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