Here are the corgi mobiles we've had over the years:

Nissan Xterra - Too high for ours to jump on, the front seat is fine, but it's impossible for them to jump on in the back seat. Very nice cargo space, but muddy paws can be a problem.

Lexus ES300 - Leather get scratched up, the tan color interior does help to "hide" the fur, cargo space is a joke, cannot fit any wire crate in the trunk. Good height for the dogs to jump in.

Lexus SC300 - Rear seats are perfect for the dogs, no human should ever sit back there, it gets really really hot in Florida summer, right height, very heavy doors.

Toyota Matrix - Awesome plastic hatch area, wipes down easy, you can use a garden blower to blow out the fur, rear hatch glass open, wire crate fits in the back, plenty of cargo room, great on gas. nice height for the dogs.

Toyota Sienna - very roomy, can fit the doggies plus family and cargo. Not so good on gas but definitely ride in comfort for everyone, especially road trip.

Now what do you drive? How corgi friendly is it? Lets hear the pros and cons :)

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We have a Chrysler Town and Country Minivan and I think it is a corgi friendly car. All the seats fold down except the passenger and drivers seat. : ) can configure the seats any which way you would like to fit a dogs crate in the van.
If we dont put the crate in the car for a short drive there is a spot in between the back bucket seats to put a dog bed so our corgi can comfortably lay down in between the seats. I agree the leather seats are a big bonus with all the dog hair although we have the rougher kinda of leather which is great for dogs! I personally like the look of the softer leather but for dogs the rougher leather works better. : ) Yes and our leather is also a light tan which is great for hiding the hair, but doesnt seem like the hair stays on the leather, it ends up on the floor which is fine. : ) Easy to vaccum out when the seats all fold down, I really like that feature.

We also have a Honda Accord, Lance enjoys the view much easier from this vehicle! We can fit a medium size crate in the trunk area. Seats are a light tan but are cloth. The light colored cloth does a good job of hiding the hair as well.

Great discussion, we will be looking to replace the Honday over the next few years and my husband was just saying how he wants to start thinking about what kind of car to get so he is prepared when the time comes. The Honda Accord is a great car just will be ready to replace it with a newer car as we are on a 10 year plan with both cars, that way we only have to pay for one car payment. : )
I drive a Saturn Vue. It's height for getting in is a little higher than a sedan or minivan but not as high as a standard SUV. The seats are a light brown/grey cloth so it is easy to clean and also hides the pet hair. The cargo area is probably too high for a corgi, but that is where Chester (lab/dane) rides.

Hey Sam, do you still have that link for that new car from Honda that has the corgi in it? That looked like an awesome car!
Yup, right here :)
I want one of those!!!
Thats one awesome vehicle!
The 2005 Honda WOW became the production model "Honda Freed", it is currently on sale in Japan, it will be introduced to Europe later this year, there is a high posibility that it'll come to the US. It is based on the Honda "Fit" / "Jazz" platform.
Wow that would be so cool if it did come to the US. It would even be cooler if my hubby could fit in it so he could purchase it when he replaces his honda accord! Is the Honda WOW meant for people 6 feet 5 inces? Its hard finding cars for tall people, lol.
I'm not sure, since it is based on the Honda Fit and Jazz platform, I would think they'll have the same siting position, you may want to ask DIRR & Nala - a Honda Fit owner. The Freed does not have those built in crate or dog leash hooks like the WOW Concept, it doesn't come with a corgi either :(
Now THAT"S what I need! That is such a cool car!!!!!
I had a Pontiac Vibe a while before I got Kota, But had 2 other dogs at the time... Fit everyone and everything wonderfully, is just like a Toyota Matrix. Very wonderful, good on gas, roomy, fits lots of stuff including crates... I LOVED THAT CAR.
My doggytaxi is a Honda Fit. Very spacious. I can put both crates if needed. It's low enough for the girls to go in and out on their own. They like car rides. It's very good on gas. Seats are grey cloth adorned with tons of dog hair.
One of my friends has the Fit and loves it. I've never ridden in it though. How many does it seat, and would a tall person (my hubby) fit comfortably?


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