There are a lot of pet stores where dogs are allowed, but there are some restaraunts and stores when they are allowed too. Here is a list I know, feel free to add to it.

Flying Apron Bakery (although they do not advertise this policy)
Norms (which was named after a dog)
Hotel Monaco

There are also a lot of outdoor seating at restaurants which are usually "pet-okay"

Any other places you can think of, please post them too!

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Sonic Boom and Easy Street (record stores) have always been welcoming to Emma and I. Lots of places in Ballard and Fremont are cool with it.

I've brought her into American Apparel a few times - they have dog shirts and she needs to try them on before we buy them!
Maple Leaf:
Ace Hardware 90th & Roosevelt
Cloud City Coffee 88th & Roosevelt
The Red Lion Hotel. If you join their frequent guest club, the pet fee is waived for your stays.

These are all Bainbridge Island places! 

Bainbridge Bakers -- they have an outside area, dog biscuits, dog bowl and they're right next to a park. They don't mind if you hold your dog while you order, either.  NOTE: Do not get this place confused with Blackbird Bakery which is on the way up if you're walking from the ferry - they do not allow dogs inside (found that out the hard way).

Streamliner Diner -- outside seating area allows dogs, you won't have to go in to order because a waiter/waitress will come up to you. 

A Some Pizza -- Outside eating area allows dogs

The Lookout on Capitol Hill (Will is often a co-host at trivia on Tuesdays)

Nollie's Bakery in SLU


Rescue Store

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