Do any of you own the purple Dyson vacuum (the animal)? I seem to remember hearing that it is a good vacuum and effective against corgi fur. Costco is selling them for only $349, which sounds like a great deal to me. Before I commit I was looking for reviews from other corgi owners.

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After a lot of back and forth, I just could not bring myself to spend $350 on a vacuum, even one I've heard almost 100% rave reviews about. It was a tough decision, but I felt better walking out of the store without it.

At Target I got a Bissel called the "Pet Hair Eraser". IT was $149 but you got a $20 gift card with purchase, so it was essentially $129. It has an extra "bumper" in the front you can flip down that is supposed to corral all that pesky fur for disposal. It is a bagless vacuum. It's a lot heavier than my old Oreck, but it seems to be self-propelled and ...bonus! has a headlight for scaring the cats!

After a quick trial run last night, I was amazed not only at the amount of fur (I had to empty the bin twice for just the living room) but also the very fine dust it gathered. It also has those attachments for reaching those creepy ceiling cobwebs. Early Christmas for me!
Got a suggestion for us poor people?
Yeah lots of back breaking sweeping!!!!
My Bissel Pet Hair Eraser works well and was just over $100 (on sale at Target)
My mom has the Dyson and personally, I don't think it does a really great job. As I vaccuum over some areas, I can see a lot of stuff that it misses. I just don't think the suction is great. I have a Hoover Wind Tunnel and I think it does a better job. It doesn't look as fancy, but as far as picking up dirt goes, I've been really happy with it.
Find the best local rummage sales. I've always had an El Cheapo. Wear ear plugs; most vacs are loud enough to damage hearing.
We bought the Dyson as grad students, and so did one of our fellow students...I don't know who's broker than a grad student! :) I guess the timing worked out for us.
I have the purple Dyson and the Bissel Pet Hair Eraser. My Dyson works so much better than the PHE. I bought my Dyson for $500 and don't regret it at all!
OH, now I'm jealous! Maybe I'll get the Dyson next time. Rough time to be buying a $400 vacuum for us, unfortunately.
Well, I did have some of my income tax refund! LOL!! You'd be surprised at how much better the Dyson is than the Pet Hair Eraser. I'm going to take the PHE to our lakehouse.
Consider noise when you purchase a vacuum. I always wear ear protection and insist that my daughter the musician does, too. Most vacs are loud enough to damage hearing, and it's not just the vac -- it's all that vacuumicidal barking, too!
Where were you guys when I bought a vacuum??? LOL I bought the Kirby G6 and love it but boy I could of saved some big money going your route.


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