Hi all..we are moving to Las Vegas in Sept.  Does or can anyone tell me the name of an excellent vet.  We have been living in the middle of no where Nevada and are moving into the city.  We are lucky to see a vet once a month out here.  My oldest is going to be 12 and our other kid is going to be 6 in August.  

Thanks for any help, Carolyn and the fur kids

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Hi Carolyn, if no one else responds, I know someone out in Las Vegas who I can talk to tomorrow, (if I can remember!). If I have a chance to touch base with her, I will let you know.

Here's a good group to ask.

I use Raul Arteaga at Sahara Animal Clinic.  He loves Corgis and would have one, but gave in to his daughters' choice.  He errs on the side of caution when there is a problem.  I've been using him since he bought the practice.

Thanks..I will call and see about getting them into him after we move.  I had a great vet in Alaska and they went all the time for health checks but since living out here we havent been able to get them seen.  Carolyn 


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