Took Sunny out for a quick bathroom break on Sunday evening, didn't realize that someone left my backyard gate open, Sunny dashed right out and started running, I ran after him.

A family who randomly saw the dog run by and told me to get in the car to chase after him. We asked everyone we drove by if they've seen a dog, everyone was helpful and sounded concerned.

I got a call 20 minutes later from a man who is 2 miles away and said he found the dog, along with a bunch of people trying to slow down and catch this runaway dog.

Sunny is now safe inside the house and my faith in humanity has been restored.

On a day like this with such a tragedy in Colorado, I just want to remind everyone that there are plenty of good people in this world.

Thankfully the poor pup came out with only minor injuries, both of his paw pads are cut up, I have sterilized and bandaged them, he is almost back to 100% now.


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SO glad you got him home safe!  I wish the news would report more good stories.  The majority of it is all bad these days.  America needs to hear things like this to pick up our spirits and our faith in humanity.

So glad Sunny is okay :) I love his tail! We have pem puppies and decided not to dock their tails and am so happy about my choice <3 Take care Ronny & Sunny :)

Aw! So glad there were so many nice people to help! I hope the paws heal well!

Phew!  What an adventure for Sunny and a stressful day for you!  So glad he's back and safe and you had so much wonderful help in getting him back home.

Losing one of my Corgis is the biggest fear I have for the dogs.  I am so glad that your Sunny came back to you safe and sound.  I put locks on both of my gates on the fence because neighbor kids like to open it and look for the dogs.  It is more trouble when I need to get in and out since I have to get the key each time, but I rest easy that no one can leave the gates open by accident.



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