I live in Colorado Springs.

I found her in the streets with another dog, he looked like a lab mix, I got the corgi easy but the lab ran off scared.

She's a pretty tri  girl, small but a little plump. She has black lines on the corner of her brown eyes, they look like Egyptian makeup! 

She isn't fixed and is possibly in heat. She's probably had puppies before... 

She's really sweet, she loves to be near people it seems. Could you spread the word for me, so we can get her home quick? 

Oh she has no microchip!

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Already done. :) 

Happy you took her in.  I also live in Colorado Springs (Black Forest)  .Let me know if I can be of help.  I'm in the phone book, but will be going out this evening.  Is Clue neutered?  If she's in heat, the tail end of the heat is when they are most fertile and thus most attractive, which may be why the Lab mix was hanging out with her....make sure no other dogs can come around, they can be very creative, especially about getting into back yards!

I ended up taking her in, found out she had a really bad ear mite infection and could afford to let her around my other animals. 

They will treat her there, and I have her ID number. If she goes up for adoption I will probably take her in. 


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