Found the source of stinkiness... and pet hair remover works WONDERS!

I posted on here about a week ago about Copper rolling in something terrible. Come to find out it was the weirdest thing ever! Wet bird seed, thistle to be exact. My grandma has bird feeders and I found out because the bucket the thistle was in, got water in it and when I opened it, it smacked me in the face. I went over by the bird feeders and sure enough, that's what it is. Who would have thought? Also, I'm sure many have tried it and many others have thought, yeah, just another product I am going to waste my money on and it's not going to work. Well, my mom bought a pledge fabric sweeper for pet hair. IT WORKS WONDERS! I couldn't believe. My mom's was full of hair and still picking it up! I couldn't believe it. I also found that rubber gloves work if you just wipe whatever has hair on it with the gloves on. It sounds weird but it works to a certain extent. Anyone else have any other ways of removing hair?

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Ohh that is strange! I never thought that would smell so bad!
me neither! It was crazy when I found it! I couldn't believe that was what it was.
It must have been fermented. I used to smell that all the time in my backyard during the rainy season, and when it was left out too long, we got drunk squirrels everywhere.


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