I must admit the lack of Corgi specific events in the state is, well depressing.

We do have a lot of Dog events that happen and Alexandra is one of the most dog friendly places around ( They have water dishes at most of the businesses) but little to no Corgi specific events per say. There is a "Pay to Play" dog club per say up the road a piece that hosts events on a regular basis however just like any country club you have to be part of the "In Crowd" to get through those gates.

So, with that being said anyone know of anything happening in and or around VA,DC area for Corgi's, I know there is a meet up group that has it at (Insert random location) around the town but last time I went few if any were there. Beyond that I've seen maybe 3 PWC's around and about town, I'm not sure if its a rare breed or not, I'd suspect not though.


Just some food for thought.



Don and Jazzy

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