Hello All:
I have a problem where my Bibi gets a metallic stain on her chest from the tags on her collar. I have heard of a tag case, but I can't find them anywhere in stores or online. I have used the rubber silencers that go around the tags, but the stain is still there. I'd like my Bibi to have a nice white ruff. Can anyone out there help me? THANKS!

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Yes, get some clear nail polish, a nice coat will protect it from staining :)
THAT is one good idea--I should try that too:) Thanks!
I had the same problem... I ended up getting her a new tag that was just silver, no color to it & it's helped a bit!
Real stainless steel hardware (ALL of it) might help.
Might the stain actually be dirt that the tags are dangling in?
We use Martingale collars that slip off easily and the dogs do not wear them indoors (i.e., most of the time).


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