I am wondering if anyone has a pembroke corgi around 12 weeks - My Sadie is 12 weeks and I was wondering what she is suppose to be looking like. Her Father was a pembroke, her mother was a cardigan and she looks more like the father - Help - Thank you


Cathy & Sadie

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Hmm well Ein's puppy picture he is 6-7 weeks. He is now almost a year. While Sadie is a combo of both corgi's, she will probably end up looking like her dad. Ein is between 20-30 lbs and wears large-xlarge doggie shirts. So she will probably be about a similar size. Hope this helps somewhat.
I hope so this helps alot - Your baby is so beautiful so I will feel great if she looks like yours - it would be a honor your baby is absolutely beautiful and I love her size so I am hoping that Sadie will look like this - Thanks so much
Thanks I love your pics -


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