Gwynnie, 4/8/2003 -- 4/1/2017 alpinist extraordinaire

23rd Most Influential Corgi of 2012 on Buzzfeed (they showed her photo on Mt. Hinman).
First ascent of Fortress Mt., 8750', by a Pembroke Welsh corgi without supplemental oxygen.
She once covered 24 miles (some of it off-trail) in 14 hours with 9000' of total gain.
Nearly 14 years of dedicated performance as Companion Animal.
Pioneered the way for Al's even more remarkable mountaineering and backpacking feats.
Perhaps her greatest achievement was:  all the children in the neighborhood loved to pet her and play with her, and everybody knew her name.

Like Lou Gehrig, another gifted athlete struck down by ALS, the human form of DM, she would have said, "I've had a bad break, but I still consider myself the luckiest dog on the face of the Earth."

We always stuck together, but this time I can't keep up with her, and she's gone on ahead.  We'll catch up someday.

There's a little arrow in a box at the upper right which toggles the slideshow.

Special thanks to Corgi Aid and Bobbie Mayer for providing her Eddie's Wheels turbocharged cart.

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Haven't been on this site for awhile.  So terribly sad to learn about Gwynnie.  The photos you have shared with us have always been beautiful.   Thanks to you, she had a full and wonderful life.


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