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http://www.buzzfeeBuzzfeed 32 superlatives of 2012  Scroll down to "Most Popular Dog".   It's at the bottom (?!?).

That's 10 million views of corgi-related content on, not 10 million views of Gwynnie, but don't read the fine print, or tell her.
Already she expects her poop to be picked up in leftover Neiman-Marcus shopping bags, and pate` de fois gras bedtime treats served on lavender-scented linen napkins.

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Thumbs up on the "hams looking for some limelight"  :)

Think about this.  Someone sent me a link to the video, Scientific Proof That Cats Are Better Than Dogs.  I countered with the article, Corgis Are the New Cats of the Internet.  Draw your own conclusions, I say.

Meanwhile, go Gwynnie!  Ethel says, go easy on the pate, and definitely have some Veuve Cliquot on hand to wash it down.

Congrats Gwynnie and John!!!  You are so cool!  I suppose you have pupparazzi now.

Congrats Gwynnie, you deserve it!

I KNEW I recognized that corgi! I saw her on their Most Influential Corgis of 2012! She's #23 out of 40. Not to shabby!

way to go gwynnie!!! Looks like Franklin made their cute list too lol:

Do you  have any idea where they get their pictures from?

I couldn't find Franklin.  I don't know how to search Buzzfeed.

They get their photos on the internet.  Whenever you post anything anywhere, it is public.

Congratulations Gwynnie and John - That is one impressive dog, an incredible setting and an excellent photo!

My herd send fist (paw) bumps Gwynnie's way!

Your secret is safe with us!

Congrats, Gwynnie!


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