They just leave, abandon, this beauty right in the vet clinic, he is 2 years old,pure breed tricolor. He looks sad, and kind of flaquito ( skinny) when I compare this picture to my Junos! I know the clinic is in Puerto Rico, and here the Corgis are not well known, people dont know about the glorious characteristics of them. My apartment is so tiny, that I can even dream of having another dog. I will leave the contact number here (787) 768-5800. He is not fix, and is describe as a good character, great heart hunny.

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Hospital Veterinario Vistamar

Contact :
(787) 768-5800 
Address :
Carr 190 Km 0.7 La Ceramica  Carolina, PR



Thank you for the contact information.  I've sent it to a friend in P.R. who has done dog & cat rescue for many years there. She wrote me this a.m. and has forwarded the info on this dog to her many contacts there.  Hope it helps get him a place to land.


-Mike Wilson

Tampa, FL.


Thank you Mike! I hope it all works out :)

That is so sad.  What a beautiful dog.  Something tells me he won't be alone for long.

Thanks for posting this; maybe it'll help them find him.

Has anyone had any experiece in bringing a dog into the US? I do not know where to start, but would be interested in finding out...
Dogs must have a certificate showing they have been vaccinated against rabies at least 30 days prior to entry into the United States. There are no quarantines in Puerto Rico. Your health certificate should dated no earlier than 10 days before your pet's arrival. Link

There are pilots that help with transportation of rescue dogs, I don't have personal experience with this and don't know it it works outside the US, but it may be worth checking into. Here are two links:

i contacted Pilotsnpaws, unfortunately they are only capable of doing ~350mile flights. Looks like a commercial airlines is the best bet...

TYTYTY! I call the clinic and they told me that since he is not fix, they will have to fix him before somebody adopt him, it will be a $50.00 bill. Im looking for more information about the transportation to the USA if anyone is interest.

All your messages give me hope.

I would be interested in rescueing this guy. Keep me posted on what you find out!!
Way to go, JC :0)
He's still smiling through his hardship.  What a cute trooper.  I really hope you can help him!


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