Hey guys! We are about to get two Corgis, both tan and white, but we need some help with naming! The male name will be Gibson, after the guitar. We need to choose a female name. I would like the female name either to be musically inspired, end in "n," or just sound nice with Gibson. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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I have a cat named Lucy after that song. We named her that because when she was a kitten she was crazy and ran around swatting at everything like she was on LSD. It suited her quite well.
how about Lyric?
I had fun with this- I looked up guitar brands and some of the cool ones were: Gretsch, Sabine, Vinci, Wedgie and Epiphone (I'd pronounce it like "epiphany"). I think Gretsch and Gibson sounds cute together! Enjoy your babies, whatever names you choose!
Hi, Tosha! I like Gibson and Fender -- I know Fender doesn't have a "female" sound, but it is musical!

Takamine is also a guitar, and you could call her "Mini" for short -- LOL!
"Allegro" means "quick, happy, lively" -- and our Al won't mind sharing.
"Adagio" would invite endless puns, but doesn't fit the corgi personality.

I like astronomical names:
There's "Vega" and "Lyra", Vega being the alpha star in Lyra, the Lyre, prominent near Cygnus near the zenith in the late summer sky. Vega is also the name of a famed banjo manufacturer.
"Sirius" of course, the Dog Star, brightest star in the sky (lower-left of Orion), but that is in Canis Major, Orion's Big Dog. She was our first corgi, and I remember my friend every time I see this prominent star.
"Procyon" is the alpha star in Canis Minor, Orion's Little Dog, upper-left of Sirius. "pro see un" (look it up to get pronunciation right), Greek for "Before the dog" because it rises before Sirius. Procyon is also the genus name of the raccoon, so this might make a good name for a black-faced tri with mask-like facial markings. One would shorten it to "Pro" or "Pro-see".

And then get your guitar and sing our song, The LIttle Dog Blues:

How about Chorus or Arietta? Medley? Nocturne? Oh how about Rhythm?
Oh, and I just remembered something. My dad plays guitar and he loves Taylor guitars. That might work.. Taylor.
I like "Fusion"...would go with Gibson (kinda hip).

Personally, if I ever have a female Corgi I will call her "Willow". I met one and it seems like a sort of middle earth, kinda majical name for a sweet corgi girl.
My mother in law has a Wallaby named Willow. I've always liked that name too. :)
OK Tosha, what names did you end up choosing???
Ya, I've been wondering what name you decided on as well. Don't leave us hanging!


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