I have been tring with out much luck to find a patteren for a saddle and or tack for a corgi.
I did see one but I was not happy with the look of it.
We go to Renn Faires in the summer and a few will let you bring you dogs. So, why not dress up the girls too?
If any one has an idea or has made one I would love to hear from you. The more the merrier.
Thanks for you help and ideas.
Deb,Boudica, Meave, Rhiannon, and Branwyn.

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good idea
Saw this on Etsy don't know if you could use it as a pattern or not? Been thinking about getting one for next years halloween costume.

I have seen this one and think I might be able to use the main idea.
Thanks for your help.
I am thinking you may be able to get a flat piece of leather sketch out the saddle shape according to your dogs size. I think using velcro for a girth and breast plate out of the same leather. Just think of the gems and stones you could use in the breast plate and on the side of the bridle. You will be the talk of the festival!
What a great idea! I had not thought of using leather, how about saude? It might be easier to work with and softer.
I have one like the one Sylvia had an attachment to. But, my dogs are too fat to wear it!!! I bought it to support Corgiaid when I saw it, that was the main reason.


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