Comedienne Tracy Ullman once played a psychiatrist who claimed that her patients must all find their "theme song." I have done that for all my dogs, using Stand (REM), It's Good to be King (Tom Petty), Every Step You Take (Police, I think) among others. Lilliput, however, had me stumped. But I may have found it. She's a city dog who's in charge of it all. What do you think? Does your corgi have a theme song? Not just a song you sing to her, but the song that plays in her head when she enters a room?

I'm an Old Cowhand, <--the live version, cuz I love the double bass

Oh, step aside, y'all ornery tender feet
'Cause I'm about to sing my song

I'm an old cowhand from the Rio Grande
But my legs ain't bowed and my cheeks ain't tan
Well I'm a cowboy who never saw a cow
Never roped a steer 'cause I don't know how
And I sure ain't fixin' to startin' now
Yippee-i-o-ki-ay, hey yippee-i-o-ki-ay

I'm an old cowhand from the Rio Grande
And I learned to ride before I learned to stand
Well I'm a ridin' fool who is up to date
I know every trail in the Lone Star State
'Cause I ride the range in a Ford V-8
Oh, yippee-i-o-ki-ay, hey yippee-i-o-ki-ay

Look out, I'm gonna show y'all how to ride now
Here we go

I'm an old cowhand from the Rio Grande
And I come to town just to hear the band
I know all the songs that the cowboys know
'Bout the big corral where the dogies go
'Cause I learned them all on the radio
Oh, yippee-i-o-ki-ay, yeah yippee-i-o-ki-ay

Now my story's almost done, so listen up!
You ain't got much longer now

I'm an old cowhand from the Rio Grande
Where the west is wild round the borderland
Where the buffalo roam around the zoo
And the Indians make you a rug or two
And the old Bar X is the Barbecue
Oh, yippee-i-o-ki-ay, hey yippee-i-o-ki-ay
Hey yippee-i-o-ki-ay
I'm just an old cowhand

Johnny Mercer

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We have many in our combined cardigan household(s).

Caitlyn is Caitie-Bug (Baby Love by Diana Ross and the Supremes), Brown-Eyed Girl, and Heartbreaker (Pat Benatar).

Her mother, Rhemi, is Corgi Girl (Georgie Girl from the movie) and Wild Thing, each with new words.

Her brother, Wilson, is Beautiful Boy by John Lennon.

Another brother, Rufus sings It's Hard Out Here For A Pup (words are definitely rewritten from the Oscar-winning song!)


I didn't know anyone else did this! I didn't mean to, but I stuck with the Foo Fighters for both of my corigs. Baxter is "My Hero" and Ziggy's is "Learn to Fly."


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