If you have a plastic crate, how big is it? What size crate did you fly corgi in?

We are picking up our baby next month and we're getting things ready for her.. we bought one of the plastic sided crates yesterday (wooo black friday priced!). I searched for what size is recommended for Corgis (trying to look for what sized plastic ones people used rather than the metal ones) and several people said they use 36" ones so their doggie will be able to sprawl out when he lays down but 32" will be fine if they curl up to sleep. When we got to the store we saw the 36" ones and they are huuuuuuuge, so we got the 32" one and when we put it together well, it's huge too! We're going to section the front off for crate training but we went ahead and got a big one because we're military and flying our dogs will be inevitable. Anyways, I'm just a teeny bit freaked out by how massive this crate sitting in my living room is!

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I have a 32" for the car. I had to buy that one based on width so it would fit. It is great for when we visit as well. I just used it at my Mother's house when we stayed this week. Becca is 26 pounds and can lay down in it comfortably. I wouldn't go any smaller though. At home she has a 40". It belonged to my last dog and I figured why buy another. It does take up a large part of my living room.

When I picked Becca up they had a crate on each side of their couch. Each crate had a varnished piece of wood on top. They looked like nice end tables until you looked up close.

I think the 32" will be fine. If she grows too large for it, just go up a size then.

Hi Malinda!  The first crate I got for Story was a 23" length (Petco Classic Model 200).  She was just under 5 pounds when I got her at 9 weeks and it was just a tad big for her.  You don't want the crate too big because you want to use it to help you with housebreaking.  The crate should be big enough that they can lay down, turn around and be comfy, but not so big that they will soil one end, so you have the right idea by sectioning it off.  For myself, I really had no idea how to safely section off a plastic crate, so I chose to invest in bigger crates as she grew since they nest for storage and I'll use them for a future puppy.   When Story was about 3 months I moved up to the Model 300 now I have the Model 500 which is 28" long.  Story is 8 months and only about 17 pounds and comfortably sleeps in it.  I will probably go up the 32" next because she prefers to sleep in her crate at night rather than a dog bed.

Good luck!  I'm sure you are crazy excited to bring your baby home, congratulations!

Snickers came home in a tiny soft pet carrier that fit under the seat. It came from Walmart and was never used again, but it was cheap. Now that she is grown, she sleeps in a 28" kennel. She is 22 pounds and we don't anticipate needing to fly, but I think the crate is big enough for her, since she is so small. Can't wait to see pictures of your baby!


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