I was wondering if anyone knew where Eddy could take an instinct test with sheep and everything in Oregon? We live in Portland by the way.

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I thought about letting Rosie take her herding test, but I haven't been able to find any info on tests here in Oregon. Have you found any information on herding tests for Eddy? I'll search for info too and if I find any I will let you know!
I have found some group in Battleground Washington but the "how" is unclear...
there is a herding facillity in the Battleground area called Brigands Hideout they offer private lessons however they are spendy....They also offer classes with Nancy Ward she is the owner of the facility the classes are on sundays varying times depending on skill base they have 3-5 people/dogs per class....this set-up is good because newbies are placed with newbies and there is no pressure the cost at least last year was 20.00 per class...My Jordan and I attended 5 classes before it was determined that he wasn't going to be a herder even though he would show herding behavior at home on a working farm with sheep used to dogs he showed only that he was terrifed of them by hiding behind me and pretending he couldn't see them...It was a wonderfull experiance and I hope you go for it and that your pup succeeds =)
Oh they also will use dogs on ducks because they are so much more reactive than the sheep however Jordan didn't want to get them either there is a PWC named Vinny that has titled a couple of coures on ducks alone annd geesh that was last year that Pemmy has another year of sheep and duck coures he coulld have titled on =) The instinct part of it simply means you put your dog in with these animals and he gave you a positive response. I did ask that same question at first also...Ms. Ward is a wonderfull and kind woman and will teach you everything about herding
Thanks for all of the information! I'll be signing Rosie up. I hope she'll get to take her test with sheep. She's afraid of geese (when they fly overhead she barks at them and runs for cover), so she might be afraid of ducks too. =)
Yay thanks Christy! I'll be going with another corgi owner I know, as soon as we receive our class schedules :)


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