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Since moving to Mexico City we have added two Pembroke Welsh Corgis to our family.  We are moving back to the US in July 2012 and have never experienced traveling by air with pets. Some folks have suggested we pay a pet expeditor, however, this seems rather expensive as opposed to just paying for the Corgis to accompany us on our flight.  What does a pet expeditor do that we can't do?  Is it worth the extra cost ($1,000-$2,000)?  We will have a 4-hour non-stop flight from Mexico City to our destination, which is the Washington, DC area.  Any travel tips, advice on paperwork, etc. would be greatly appreciated.  Also, both Corgis are just over a year old and are fully grown.  Does any company manufacture airline approved travel crates that are sufficient for the length of the Corgis without being overly tall?  Thank you in advance.

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Thank you for these tips and for the advice not to use an expeditor.  I am getting some great advice on this site and very thankful I found it.  Thank you, again!

Some tasteless witticism about hiring a coyote to help smuggle your corgi across the border is escaping me.

Contact Sam; he has shipped his dog Canada-US.  

Here's Al's tale of crossing the US-Canadian border (fiction); you use the corgi to charm the customs inspectors:

Okay, you got a laugh out of me.  Sam sent me the info, which has been really helpful, along with all the other wonderful advice I've received on this site.  Thanks again for the chuckle.


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