Hi, I have been looking around petfinder and google for Corgi's to rescue from a shelter or buy from a breeder.

Even though I want a tri-color, I am willing to open my home to a young to adult dog especially when there are the benefits of little to no housebreaking and a dog that is possibly more comfortable around people.

However, the dogs that I see in the DC area for adoption are in the 6+ year old range, some as high as 8 to 10.

Is 6-8 years old too old to adopt?

Am I setting myself up for a buddy that is too old to train or play with or won't have enough time to be my companion?


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We adopted our second corgi Sydney when she was eight. We had her for four and a half great years. She had some issues related to how she had been treated in her previous home but that had nothing to do with her age. I also adopted a five year old terrier mix when he was five and he lived another 15. The only big downside for most people would be like Beth said below, you don't have as much time with them.


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