Loki is no longer short in my mind, he is perfectly normal with ideal length legs. Other dogs are judge exceptionally tall. Seeing his short legs seems to most natural thing now. Anyone else become jaded towards corgi/dog height? (this may not be entirely a joke in nature, but it is still funny)

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So true! I look at Dax and he looks so normal and when I look at other dogs, they just look so tall and lanky and awkward. It's funny because my boyfriend will look down at Dax when he's laying on the floor, head between his paws, and go "you know, when Mia (my sister's dog -- a beagle) lays like that, her feet go PAST her nose." Lol. Then I look at Dax, feet barely past his ears, and I can't help but think how funny he would look with long legs.

People make comments about his short legs like "I bet he can't run as fast as other dogs," and I just laugh at how surprised they'd be if they knew how fast those little legs could move him. I also love how when he runs really fast and then turns, he does this lean where his side almost touches the ground. Lol. Yeah, short legs are perfectly normal to me by now.


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