Here's an interesting story I found about the surging popularity of corgis (at least in the UK) around the Queen's Jubilee.  Seems from the story that popularity was on the decline in the not too distant past:

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Well, after our son's married and moved away, my husband and I decided to get puppies to fill the empty nest.  I'm a old lady, the Queen is an old lady -- she has corgis, so we ended up with a corgi for me and a scotty for him.  Guess what - the Queen lied to me -- my corgi is not a little old lady dog.  He'd out and about, busy, wants to play.  MY husband's scotty likes to sit at his feet.  We got in to Agility to keep the corgi (and me) active.

The Queen doesn't really take care of her corgis (she has servants/workers to do that), so it's a bit misleading.  They're wonderful dogs, though.  Love the high energy.

Actually, if she's in the same location with her corgi/dorgis, she does feed them herself.  And the dogs have their own burial ground at Windsow Castle in the private area.  Sevants say she sometimes goes out and spends a few moments there.  Just remember Harry Turman said if you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.  Even more true if you're the Queen (serving forever).

All the news casts say she got her first corgi at 18, which is not true.  Her father, at that time the Duke of York, got his girls, Elizabeth and Margaret Rose a corgi.  There is newsreel footage of the family, along with the corgi on the grounds of (IIRC) Buckhamgam palace when the girls are around 8 and 6.

If you saw the movie The Queen, there is a scene where Elizabeth is feeding the dogs.

The two corgis pictured in the article are beautiful. It is a shame they were not the stars of the music video, it really needed the help.


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