One of my FB corgi friends is missing: Our friend Furby, a sable and white male Pembroke Welsh Corgi wearing a blue collar, is missing. He's very friendly and misses his family and friends. If you live near Freeman SD & find Furby call the sheriff at 605-387-2341 or Freeman Police at
605-925-7025. 19 hours ago. Thank you

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Name – Furby
Sex – Male, not neuteredBreed –
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Color – Sable and White, he has a lot of black on his back, and his “tail” is very dark. The long fur on his rear end is light colored which makes his tail really stand out. He has a widow’s peak m...arking on his head and only a very narrow strip of white on his muzzle, so it looks like his face is marked like a heart. His white markings are on his chest and legs.

Furby is very friendly and likes everyone. He likes to chase anything that runs from him, but when he chases the cats, if they stop running he stops too. In the summer, he lays on our deck with the cats next to him.

He likes to be outside unless it is raining.
He likes to “sit pretty” on his hanches to see farther. When he is sitting up this way you can see that his back legs are pigeon-toed.
Any news on Furby? I've been following on Piggie Von Espie's facebook page.
No news Cindi. Furby has a FB page too under the name furby corgi.


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