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Good news! Back by popular demand, Calendar second run is on! Order Now.

Thanks all the members for their support!


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That's my parent's corgi, Bingley! He and Ziggy do look a lot alike!
Quick question, is this link to the 2008 or 2009 calendar? Everytime I look at the actual calendar pages it says "June 2009" or "May 2009" I was just curious. Either way it's adorable, and I can't wait for this years to come out!
That link is to view last year's calendar. The 2009 text inside the photo is just something automatic from the CafePress.
Thanks for giving us that link. Corgis photograph so well :-)
What fun!
All my photos are 2864 x 2144! How do I make it the appropriate size for submission?

How many are we allowed to submit?
Your size is fine. I guess most 6 mega pixel camera has a size around 28xx and 21xx. It's just that when it's under 3000px, I need to enlarge the photo for print and it will decrease the sharpness of the picture. But give and take 300px per side will not be too bad. And only 1 picture is allowed per member. Thanks for your interest and best of luck! Can't wait to see your pic!
Thank you Sylvia, and I have one more question. My camera puts an automatic date stamp on my pictures. Will you be editing those out, or should I try to have one of my kids do that here?
There should be a setting where you can disable the date stamp. Try to disable it before you take the picture. If it is a picture you have already taken with a date on, I can try my best to take it out. It all depends on what the date is stamped on and how complicated its background is.
do we get some kind of confirmation when we send a picture? :P
jot down a note in the email and let us know!


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