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Good news! Back by popular demand, Calendar second run is on! Order Now.

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Ok, thanks! :) Of course that makes sense of why most of the pictures chosen were outside, since you get better pictures that way generally,
Those past pictures from the '08 calendar were great! I loved how December had a bunch of Corgi pictures, that's a great idea! I can hardly wait to see what this year's looks like! *goes to submit photo of our little Chloe*
I missed out last year because we were in the process of moving during submission time, so I was super busy. I made extra sure to get some good pictures when we were out for a drive in the mountains this weekend, and Ein's photo is on it's way to you.
Awesome! Looking forward to it :)
Will we get to vote on the finalists again?
Yes. you will.
Yay :)
HI Sylvia!

I have another question. What do you mean by RAW photo format?
I think my jpeg is too large to send by email. Can I send you a direct link?
Raw photo format is the image in it's entirety without compression of any sorts. That way we can have better control in post work and in print production. You can read more about the raw format here. We'll take jpeg if raw is not possible, yes, you may send a link to our email above, remember to let us know other info.
here are some pictures of Brady James aka Brady Bear Butt... hope you like these. =)
Hey Brady James! Could you follow the instructions above? That will help our team to speed up the process. Thanks!
I would love to see a little more variety in the 2009 calendar. I noticed all the corgi's were either tan and white or tri-color.
Where's all the black and white's and blue merle's??


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