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Where's all the black and white's and blue merle's??

Still in the digital camera :) In all seriousness, we need someone to submit them to us for starters! I was hoping to see a fluffy last year, but no one submitted one :(
Well I submitted Theo, who has a very nice sable coloring on his head! It's no blue merle, but it's variety. ;)
Perhaps a page dedicated to all the special mixed corgis too?
It really depends on the picture, if it's a great one and passes the final members vote, it'll make the cut! But most importantly, take a great picture and send one to us!
*crosses fingers* Ooooh, I can't wait to see the finalists!!!
*ready to see finalists here too* I can only imagine how many pictures have to be sorted through though.
Me Too!!!
Hi Silvia (or Sam), two questions. First, it says voting is open until November 2. Did you mean December 2? Wow, that's not much time! :D Second, since there are only 12 months in the year, how are the 15 photos going to work in? Will there be a few months for 2010 in the calendar or something? Thanks!
Hi JuLo,

Well, deciding to have people pick their favorite 15 is simply because if some of their first 12 choices didn't make it, hopefully one of their 13th, 14th or 15th might make it.

It will be a 12 months calendar or a 13 months calendar.

Oh, I also meant Dec 2, not Nov 2. That gives member 1 week to vote. Do you think you will need more time?
Usually I would say yes, but since it's a holiday weekend, people might be out of town or something. Well I'm here to vote, so it must be ok! ;) Thanks Silvia, these votes are always fun.
A little more time would have been nice! I'll be honest I didn't even know my Chloe was a finalist until today heeheehee... I didn't think my picture stood a chance so I wasn't following this as closely as I should have. Oops!


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