Dec 7th UPDATE
Just got confirmation from the printing press, the calendars will ship on 12/14/2009

Dec 3rd UPDATE
Thank you everyone! 11:24EST We've SOLD OUT all the calendars!

Dec 1st UPDATE
Looks like the calendars will be sold out before they ship, currently we have 15% left.

Cyber Monday UPDATE
Only 25% Inventory left!

Black Friday UPDATE

Pre-Order today, ships in 2 weeks. Thank you for voting! The votes were VERY VERY close this year ! So without further ado - here are the line up for 2010: Cover: Finbar Jan: Sidney Feb: Radar Mar: Owen Apr: Bently May: Fagin Jun: Steve Jul: Bailey Aug: Winston
Sep: Wendt Worth Corgis
Oct: Pooka
Nov: Gwynnie
Dec: Penny
Jan11: Roger

Thank you once again for submitting your photos and voting! If you have a favorite rescue that you would like to see the funds go to, you can give "special instruction" upon checkout. Those of you who bought the 09 Calendar knows how fast they go, so I strongly suggest you pre-ordering one TODAY. Again, Thank you everyone!

Old UPDATE 11/20/09
Pre-ordering will start sometime next week, there will not be a re-print, stay tuned!

Old UPDATE 10/17/09
Okay folks, here are the 30 finalist for the 2010 calendar, you may vote up to 14 photos, write down their names and submit to , Oct 24th is the deadline. Good luck to all!

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Old update 10/13/09
Voting starts this weekend, check your email later this week.

Old update 09-15-09
Submission closed. Voting begins in 2 weeks

Old update 08-28-09

Okay Folks, here are this year's rules:

1. ONE photo PER member
2. Dogs only
3. Horizontal photo
4. MINIMUM of 6 megapixel (2848 X 2136)
5. File size 3.2MB or higher
6. Rename your photo to DogName_CityAndState.jpg
7. Email to Subject: Calendar 2010
8. Deadline September 14th 2009

Photo tips:

1. Photos must be sharply focus (eg: eyes)
2. Keep a simple background, your dog will stand out more
3. Make sure indoor photos are well lit
4. Be creative
5. Get your camera and treats ready, have fun!

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First of all, we would like to thank all the members who've submitted photos and purchased the
2009 calendars! We had a great success and have raised over $1000. We have donated $700 to
Sunshine Corgi Rescue and have since saved $300 for this year upcoming partial printing cost. (yes, we fronted all the printing cost last year) We hope to sell even more calendars this year and to help other rescues around the country. Now that we are a 501c3 non profit charity, we have more ways to save on shipping and printing cost! Lower production cost = more money goes towards different rescues.

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I knew she was being way too nice!!! hahaha
It came, it came! Oh happy day!

OK, it has no holes, so tomorrow I need to go buy a single-hole punch. You'd think with three kids in school, we would have one. Well, if we do, it's hiding from me.

The calender looks great - the photos are really beautiful. I can't wait to show it off at work tomorrow! :D

Oh yeah, I'm in San Diego...
Oh my goodness! I'm checking again in the morning. I was so excited this morning that I insisted my bf stop at the mailbox and all he brought back was my credit card bill.....*cry*
Hello Geri & Sidney - I didn't know Sidney was in the calendar, congratulations. Sidney you look terrific and I am so glad the cross-country journey of the Postal Ox Cart has finally arrived at your front door.

If you read through the entries here you might find some great alternatives to the old fashion hole punch. Who needs a hole punch when we have willing Corgis that can put holes in practically anything.

Hope to see you at the next Meet-Up or Thursday walk. Take Care and Happy New Year!!!
Thanks! We were pretty excited about it, and Sidney thanks you for the compliment :)
You are welcome!!! Isn't it great that Sam has put together such a Great Site and by doing so it has attracted not only Corgi lovers, but truly nice people. When I got my first Corgi he was a rescue. When I was on the phone with the Head of the Rescue organization, she told me they had 9 Corgis and over 500 people interviewing for those 9. While we talked, she stopped and said, "Catherine you sound like a lady with a great sense of humor." And then she said, "Your going to need one, because Corgis are Fun Dogs and they do Crazy Things."

It took me 2 years of research looking at all the different breeds, before I called the Corgi Rescue Organization. And we were a Perfect Match. Thatcher (He died of Liver Cancer in 2005) and now Clancy are Fun and Smart and a Joy to be around and that is what I strive to be in my life. I don't always succeed, but I will never stop trying.
That was really nice of you to say! :)
I know how hard it is to find a corgi too! We searched for over three years, trying to go through humane societies and rescues before we found our Sidney. Like you said, perfect match! I've had lots of dogs in my life, but never one that made me laugh as much as Sidney and his half-corgi brother Bruce.

Thank you Sam and Silvia for giving us a wonderful site to share our love of corgwyn!
I live in Texas and got mine on Monday. I don't see how a calendar printer would neglect to put holes in a calendar, but I can easily punch holes to hang it. Have I mentioned that Miss December is HOT? haha
I just checked my mail & still nothing :( I even went back through paypal to make sure I gave them the right address & I did... I can't believe I still don't have mine yet!
I'm wondering what if we DON'T receive our calendars at all? Is there any recourse?
The last person who's going to receive the last 3 calendars is me and I am currently in Canada, so you all will receive it before I do.


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