I think we found him! We are going down soon to visit maybe let Midas come with...good idea? He is the "explorer" of the group and seems sweet and most curious of them all. He has the smallest bit of white on his back. He is the chubbiest of them all. I can't wait to meet him. Now everybody, lets play a little game called..."NAME THAT CORGI!!!!" We need it to sound good with Midas and were going on the line of another king name or we also liked the idea of some welsh towns. But believe me, we are very open to names. Oh and he is the one all the way on the right!

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Ollie, Wrigley, and Dobby are quite nice :) Did you get the name Dobby from the creature in Harry Potter?
I like Ollie! I had an uncle Ollie. He was a tough old guy!!
lol Haley is called Panuni most of the time and I find shes a smart lil crack so she knows when Im referring to her! I call her Panuni.,..nunu...
Your pup is so cute, good luck with him! I have always loved the name Basil, pronounced baezal, means Magestic or kingly!
After much deliberation, we have decided on Dozer!!


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