NCIS Show....Episode Broken Bird January 13, 2008..Corgi Sighting!!!

Does anyone watch this show regularly? I just happened to be switching channels and put this on for a few minutes and they had a pembroke corgi on the show!! Wow, I was surprised/excited to see a corgi show on a tv show!!
Channel 2 WBBM plays the tv show at 7:00 Chicago area on Tuesday nights. Does anyone watch this show on a regular basis and see a corgi in the show?

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I just might have to start watching this show regularly and see if they usually have a corgi on the show or if it was a one time deal!!
Oh I'm so glad I recorded tonight's episode. I know they were on a previous episode: Season 2, Meat Puzzle. You can find it on YouTube and ITunes.
Didn't the show Greg and Erma have a Corgi appear once in awhile too? I don't watch this show but will have to try and catch it now. Or I'll wait to hear from you whether the Corgi makes a regular appearance or not.
Leave it to you to correct me. LOL I could not for the life of me remember her name. Thanks for the correction and verification.
The episode I saw was called "The Meat Puzzle". I was also excited to be channel surfing and notice those cuties! Two names I caught were Tyson and Contessa.

Here is a clip from the episode that has some corgis!

Oh, I found another, longer clip. It has many corgi scenes in it!
Lol I love this show! and I was super exicted to see Duck's corgis! We also watched "The Queen" with Helen Mirren which was on the other night and she had 6 bunny buts! It made the move all that much better :)
I love this show, my husband and I watch it every week. I missed the first 45 minutes last night though because I had to go feed horses. :( Wonder if I can catch it online?
have you seen corgis on the show before when you watch it?
I saw them on the episode that Geri posted videos on here. I honestly couldn't tell you if I have seen them before or not. We have been watching it for so long they all sort of blur together lol.
Wouldn't it be cool if Ducky brought one of his corgis to work everyday? Ok maybe a corgi in the morgue isn't a good idea. Maybe one in Abby's lab.
Oooh, I loves seein' me some Corgis on the teevee! :D
Laura, i think you can find the episodes on youtube.
Thanks! I will check it out tonight.


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