NCIS Show....Episode Broken Bird January 13, 2008..Corgi Sighting!!!

Does anyone watch this show regularly? I just happened to be switching channels and put this on for a few minutes and they had a pembroke corgi on the show!! Wow, I was surprised/excited to see a corgi show on a tv show!!
Channel 2 WBBM plays the tv show at 7:00 Chicago area on Tuesday nights. Does anyone watch this show on a regular basis and see a corgi in the show?

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Found the episode and got to watch it! I love watching that corgi head tilt.
I watch the show all the time! I didn't see a corgi, I saw 4 corgis!! Very cute!! They are Ducky's mother's!
Yes your right there is more than one corgi on the show but as I was flipping channels I only saw one corgi. I have the episode recorded just havent been able to sit down and watch it, I want to start watching the show soon on a regular basis, I accidentally came across the show!
I think this is a very good show Natalie. My husband and I try not to miss it and even enjoy watching the reruns on other channels. In my opinion it combines a good forsensic who dun it with some comedy. So it isn't quite as series as some of those kind of shows.
I love Ducky's Corgis!

That was a good episode. :D


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