Zach and I are trying very hard to plan a trip to Niagara Falls for our last spring break and can only afford a couple days. We would like to spend 2 full days there and have something to do for each day. We will have Midas with us and need dog friendly places. We found a hotel and the park will allow dogs but everywhere else that allows dogs is closed for the season. Please help!

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I went to university out there and I would suggest trying out Buffalo, NY hotels too. Close, good selection and Buffalo is a GREAT town. Catch a Sabres game or have a fun night out on Chippawa.
Are you looking for activities to do with Midas, or places to stay?
Trying going over the falls together inside a barrel. That's always exciting. :)
ROFL....too funny!
We are looking for activities to do with Midas.
This is a great site: - lots of dog fun and friendly activities and a walk around here: is always a stop for us. Enjoy!
Hmm...Spring Break is kind of a tough time, as the weather can still be, well, freezing. The state parks are a good way to go, although it may all be still iced over. The Canadian side would be out for you because you have the dog and travel restrictions can be tricky, and even if you do go over the Canadian side is more commercial (great places to eat and shop and gamble, and more attractions) but not exactly dog friendly. The attractions on the American side, like the cave of the winds and the maid of the mist, won't open until May-ish, depending on the weather.
If it were warmer, aka summetime, you could take Midas on the park trails in the gorge, to Lewsiton, to Fort Niagara and spend the day, but in the winter, these things are closed. What you do have in Niagara Falls is indoor activites, either at the parks visitor center or at the casino...the aquarium...the waterpark...
I would say if there is something that you want to do, and can't take Midas, and you don't want to leave him alone, I could dog sit for you. If you do decide to go over the falls in a barrel like John suggests, go over the Horseshoe falls. And pack some hot cocoa. :)
I'll see if I can come up with any viable dog friendly suggestions! There's a lot to do, just not in the colder weather or with a dog, besides hitting the parks and trails.
Hey Zack and Lisa,

In order to bring Midas across the border, you'll need a signed and dated rabies vaccination certificate from the vet.

If Midas already have CGC, put on the vest and he can go just about anywhere with you.

Scenery of the fall is way better watch from the Canadian side. Best time to see the fall is sunset, you'll get to see the fall with little daylight and night time, the lights are awesome.

Do all your shopping in Buffalo area outlet malls. Fill up your gas tank before crossing the border. Your speed limit is in KM, Temperature is in C. Call your American express Agent and let him know you're traveling, make sure your insurance policy is sufficient in Canada.

My Canadian wife's favourite place is "Niagara on the lake", it is Canada wine country with over 21 wineries in the area. Try "Ice wine". Check out the pet friendly winery tours and B&B / spa in the area.

There's Fallsview Casino (not pet friendly), if gambling is not your thing, they have other shows and entertainment as well.

If you're sick of starbucks, try Tim Hortons, besides the coffee, my favourite is their Steeped Tea, order it "double double". Thank me later.

Try "poutine", I'm no expert, but you can order it at Harvey's (a tad salty), New York Fries (not bad) or Burger King (yuck).

Try Canadian Beer

Don't roam with ATT or any american cell phone network in Canada, you're gonna pay for it big time. If you need cellphone service and have a GSM phone, you can buy pay as you go sim card from Rogers, Fido, Virgin...etc.

One week before your trip, book an appointment for Midas with a groomer in the area, call them for free via skype. Midas get to be pampered for the day and frees you up for other activities.

Snap tons of pics and tell us all about it :)

Thank you for all of these great suggestions. We currently have Midas booked for "A Day at the Spaw" at the Touch of Love Pet Spa in Toronto. We are also planning on trying "poutine" at Poutini's House of Poutine and checking out the underground shopping complex in Toronto.

The groomers have allowed us to drop off a camera so there will be many pics of Midas during his pampered treatment, as well as pics at the Falls and other places.
Wow! "If Midas already have CGC, put on the vest and he can go just about anywhere with you." Really?
My sister was trying to get something like this passed in the U.S. Without luck.


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