Greetings Corgi lovers.

My wife and I have raised Pembroke"s for over 20 years. We recently lost our male pembroke to a rare and invasive cancer.He was only 9 yo. We have been searching for a rescue male, young or up to 5 years old,

We live in New England and have applied to most of the Pembroke clubs and rescues on the east coast, Unfortunately, there are many Pembroke senior dogs available, but we cannot go through the heartbreak of losing another  dog which takes a long time to get over.

We have signed up for Corgi alerts through Rescue Me and they have been great in sending dogs available, but are mostly Corgi mix breeds.

I,m also curious if there are other Corgi lovers out there who are having similar issues in finding rescue Corgi's.

We are new to My and would appreciate any guidance on using the site and contributing. Neither of us are very computer savvy.

We hope that we are contributing in the correct manner.

Corgi's forever!

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Thank you Jane.

We appreciate any info that Corgi lovers can provide.



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