We adopted a little sister for Chewey last weekend... I had been looking for another corgi to adopt but they are fairly hard to come by in this area, especially since I knew it was really going to have to be the "right" dog for it to work with Chewey (aka sir-snark-a-lot). In any case, I saw this little 7 mos old girl (Abby) cross-posted on FB by a corgi rescue group. She was advertised as a border collie/corgi mix and is just the cutest little thing. I can definitely see the border collie & it's clear she has other breeds mixed in, just undecided as to what. She's slightly taller than Chewey but a slim border collie build & longer legs than a corgi. Her ears/face are definitely something besides border collie, just can't decide what :-). Some of her markings are very corgi-like.

I just thought it would be fun to post & get some other thoughts/ideas about what she might be...

I'm still crossing my fingers that it's going to work out. She seems to have a very nice disposition but Chewey has been a spoiled only dog for close to 5 years and is not thrilled to have a little sister. Especially one that pesters the crap out of him!

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Lol.. That shouldn't be too hard, it happens often enough. Though she is learning!

My two favorite dog breeds ........... Corgi and BC. 

Very cute little girl.


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