Hi everyone,

My friend and I are both getting a puppy from the same litter and I was wondering, does anybody know if airlines will allow the puppies to be shipped together in the same large crate? Or, does anybody know where I would look to find that out? Thanks!

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Is the puppy that far away that it has to be shipped?

There is no way you could go get it? - I know many will disagree with me but I hate the thought of puppies being taken from their mother and put onto a plane - must be totally terrifying :(


Your breeder should know though, you could call him or her and they should be able to help you.

I am in California and the puppy is in Idaho. I have gotten one puppy from this breeder before and all the pups are crate trained before they go to their new homes. When I picked up Franklin at the airport he was happy as a clam and didn't seem the least bit stressed. I think crate training has a lot to do with that. It would take approximately 17 hours or more to drive up to pick up the puppy and I may not be able to get over some of the passes due to weather. Overall, I think a 3 or 4 hour plane ride would be less stressful than 17 hours in a car

Well that is up to you and the breeder - I know I would personally struggle with it so this is just coming from my own opinion. 

Good Luck!

Here's the full write up of our trip :)
Sam did a great job on that video. Very cool idea to see how they were treated.
that video is awesome. I would have loved to see Franklin's flight to California. He probably thought it was an amazing adventure. Hopefully with 2 pups in the crate it will cut down on the stress level for them.

I dont think a dog would think it is an amazing adventure. It would be very stressful for any animal, especially puppies. In the video, Sams dogs were fully grown and if you read his link, one of them pooped himself upon coming out of the flight, not sure if this is because length of trip or stress level. I think the experience for people flying greatly differs for that of animals, especially young ones who have just been removed from their mother and littermates.

Again, this is just my personal opinion and I am not saying not to do it, but I just disagree with shipping puppies to their new homes.

I think it is just very situational and how the breeder prepares the puppies. I can tell you with 100% confidence that Franklin had very minimal stress on his trip over to me. A stressed puppy would have messed in his crate, likely be exhausted from the long flight and constant stress, and you would be able to see it in his face and demenor. When I picked him up at the airport his crate was clean, his eyes were bright, and he played and played for hours after I brought him home. However, I TOTALLY disagree with shipping a puppy that has never been in a crate before. My friend had her dog shipped in from Texas and it was clear it was in no way prepared for the trip (never been in a crate, likely never been away from mom and littermates, etc) and the poor dog was covered in urine and feces and you could tell he was deeply traumatized. I think if you are planning to ship your puppy you need to do everything in your power to prepare it for the flight. My breeder crate trains them, so b the time they are shipped they are used to the crate and being away from mom, they have also had a few trips in the car in the crate so used to being moved around inside the crate. I agree though that many people don't put that kind of effort into preparing their puppies and so flying is VERY traumatizing for them.
You'll need to call that particular airline to find out the age limit, I know jetblue and air canada don't allow 2 dogs in the same crate if shipped in cargo.
Hi, I got two puppies from the same breeder in Northern CA and I live in Southern CA.  My breeder took care of the details.  She was able to send my 8 week old puppies in the same crate. Burbank airport was the nearest airport and the carrier was able to put the dogs in the plane and not the cargo area.  Good luck!


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