To anyone looking to rescure a cardigan, found this guy on petfinder.  Hardly ever see pure cardi's on petfinder.

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What a handsome guy!

Oh if only I could!  He's gorgeous!!!!!  He sounds ideal.

Yeah, we have 4 dogs, one of which is a senior dog, so he is starting to require more attention.  So, my husband would kill me if I brought home another one (and I think it would pretty much make me a dog hoarder, which I am trying to avoid!!)  He does sound like a good boy.  I sure hope he finds a good home.

lol, I told my husband he is never allowed to die because he is the only thing standing between me and animal hoarding!  I would totally have like 6 corgis and 20 cats if he wasn't around to tell me no!

Yeah, it's really not a big leap for me to be dog hoarder....I asked my husband about rescuing this guy just this morning...just in case he might have changed his mind about adding another never know unless you ask, right? :) (Unfortunately, he said no.)


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