Hi everybody, I have successfully convinced my friends and family that Corgis are the #1 dog of choice!!!
So, I have a friend that wants to get one but needs some recommendations on where to get one in the area (Florida). Does anyone have any advice??

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I have 2 wonderful corgis from Can Do Cardigans or Cornerstone Corgis....I live in middle GA and had to drive almost 7 hours.... it was worth every mile.
If you want a Pembroke, I would recommend starting with the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of American breeder directory ( http://www.pembrokecorgi.org/memberlist.cfm ). If you'd like to find a Cardigan, I would recommend the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America breeder directory ( http://www.cardigancorgis.com/BreederDirectory.asp ). These sites make it easier to find a breeder in your area.
Hey Candy, long time no see! Personally I have 2 recommendations:

TIM TAM 's Claire McClure, Phone: 352-748-3881 timtampwc@aol.com, she is a board member of SCR and sunshinePWCC and I have met her dogs before, you can see them via my videos from the picnic with the ribbons.

RIVERSIDE's Deborah Shindle, Phone: 772-713-0991 deb@riversidepwc.com http://www.riversidepwc.com Deb is VP of sunshinePWCC and she was my first choice of breeders when i lived in FL, I've learnt a lot about corgis from her.

Claire's in Wildwood and Deb's in Vero, a little closer to you. They are both top notch and in the "award of merit" in the 2010 Westminster this year.
Wow. Thank you so much !!
Hi Sam, it certainly has been a while! Hope you, your wife and your corgis are doing well!!
There are quite a few of us on here who used Celeste from Celestial Star Kennels just north of Sanford (which is just northeast of Orlando). Her website is http://www.celestialstarkennel.com/. She's awesome!
Don't be in a hurry, do a LOT of research, be patient, plan your work, work your your plan, and the right dog will find you.


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