Since my wife and I have had a baby,  and because we are both full time workers and students,  my 5 year old Welsh Pembroke Corgi, Elvis, is not getting the attention he deserves.  He is a great dog,  I love him dearly,  but we have been trying to make it work for over a year now and he needs to be in a home where he can get a lot more exercise and attention.  I am not looking for advice on how I can keep him, believe me, I've tried everything.  I am simply looking for a new home for him where he will be loved,  and to where he can bring love.  He is my best friend (aside from my wife...) and I only want what is best for him. Anyone interested, please let me know.  Thanks.


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Sharon... Sounds like you and Elvis would be a perfect match! Hope you hear from Jim soon : )
Any updates on Elvis???? Jim, have you selected a home for him? Sounds like you have lots of folks here who are ready and willing to help.


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