This isn't a Corgi Joke but it's too funny not to post.


So one of my neighbors has a 2 year old female border collie named “Mindy”, whom becomes quite excited when she sees Wally.    She’s a firecracker of energy and absolutely loves to lick Wally all over his face but sometimes she’s a bit too much for Wally.   J

The other day as I’m returning home with Wally we end up at the front of Mindy’s home, who’s playing with her owner and practicing tricks.    Her owner and I started talking about the conditions of the trails, being muddy and Wally being covered from head to toe; he needs a shower.   So he tells me his experience from yesterday.

Turns out he brought Mindy in the trails as well where she became so dirty she needed a shower.   She always welcomes the shower where her owner hops in with her, closes the curtains and washes her down.    Sometimes she even brings a toy with her in the shower.

So yesterday after her shower was done, Mindy’s owner dried her and took her out of the shower.   He closed the curtain again and proceeded to have a shower himself.     He then told me sometimes Mindy comes back in by herself and just sits in the back, getting some drops of water on her.   But he didn’t realize she would come back after just having been dried off.

As he’s washing his face he takes a step back and in a split second he feels something under his foot.   He does not have time to react that both his feet are in the air and he grabs the shower rod.   The rod breaks and he falls on his back out of the shower with the curtain on top of him.    He’s dazed from the fall and pretty sore, with still part of the rod in his hand.

As he’s regaining focus he lift his head to see Mindy sitting in the shower with her big black Kong in her mouth.    Turns out she came back in and drop the Kong in the tub, which caused her owner to step on, slip and fall.    So there she is, wagging her tail, Kong in mouth with the expression:  “Play”???

I couldn’t stop laughing at his story, nothing in disrespect to his pain but rather how having a dog makes our lives so much more… lively.    

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I keep thinking about this one. It's great that the dog loves the shower but that situation could have been disastrous on so many levels! Lol. Glad there is a happy ending! :)

Lively? in this case it could have been deadly! 

I agree, the worse scenario can be easily occure with sharp objects, counters, anything to break something or loose consciousnes could happened.    I talked to him again yesterday and now he's paying more attention if he's leaving the door open but he making an effort to close the bathroom door now.

He and his spouse broke up so the person that was there to play with Mindy during the morning while he's getting ready, it no longer there.   So Mindy is focusing her attention on her owner now as much as she can.

I'm looking into this with a positive spin.

The owner was fine, the dog was wagging his tail and both of them were having a laugh.  


Yes there is a God for everybody, but that does not mean we should keep him overly busy..... I hope your friend is diligent in keeping his door closed and maybe getting up a bit earlier to give Mindy a walk, or play time if he has to then leave her alone.

If the break-up with his spouse was recent, it will take a bit for the dog to form new routines and it will help to consider which routine would suit both well in the new situation, sticking to it until the new habits are in place.  Glad all is well.

When Randy was a little puppy, he loved to get into the show and he was happy to take a bath.  So often when I was taking a shower in the tub/shower, he would jump in and out of the back of the tub.  Since I am older, I was somewhat scared but I wanted him to continue to think of the tub as a good place.  So we lived through it and eventually, it got to be lower on his fun list and he stopped doing it.  He continued to love taking a bath until about a year ago when I had problems with a pinched nerve and couldn't clip him myself and took him to PetSmart as they charge a reasonable price.  He likes to go there since he had loved puppy training but he protests some now over taking a bath which I can do now.


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