Gemma is 15 weeks and we've had her just a few days.  She's already housebroken (thanks breeders!) and spends a lot of time out of her crate when we're home.  We'd like to get her a bed to lay on during the day and teach her not to destroy it.  What would be a good size for a bed that she could use now and when she's full grown, too? What type of bed do you recommend? We want something economical and easy to wash.

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Hi Melissa,

I have five corgis and they all seem to like the donut style bed.  They like to rest their heads on the bolster part.  The beds have zippers to remove the bolster pillow for washing.  They use the beds for daytime but sleep with me and my husband at night.  It's a good thing we have a king sized bed!

Thanks, I was looking at those and thought she would like to curl up in it. 

Winston loves the donut style beds as well. He had one since he was about 3 and a half months old. Alas, he hit the "terrible teens" age and now has decided suddenly that ripping the stuffing out of the bed is worth not having a bed to lay on... I don't know why...

His bed also had a zipper cover that could come off and we bought one of those pillow protectors for allergies (or bed-wetters?) at Walmart and sealed the inner pillow in case there were ever accidents. That way we could wash the outer cover and the inner part wouldn't get soiled.

Great tip to cover the inside with a pillow protector.  I will do that! Thanks

Mine is kind of heart shaped and he loves it.  It also has padded rim around it that rests his head on.  He sleeps there at night and uses it as a base station for his bones and toys.  I think the big thing to keep in mind though is size and how big your's is going to get.

Remy has never met a bed that he didn't destroy. Even the Orvis indestructible bed...maybe it would work for you.

I hope this picture uploads ok.  I've never tried to upload one before in a reply!  If it did.....this is the style of bed I got for Ella.  She loves it!  My shepherd also tries to sleep in it which is quite funny!!   I bought it at Sam's Club for around $22.00 so it was a good price.  Ella sleeps in lots of different spots throughout the day.  She will even go sleep in my shepherd's huge bed (oval shaped) so I know she's not too picky but she does like her square shaped one alot.  :)


Thanks for the photo!  Looks perfect.  Looks like what Gemma does with her blankets in the crate, pushes them to the sides and nests in the middle.  

Seems that which ever one that you get they will like. I have several type and they will sleep on all of them. Got mine at petsmart.

Go cheap or don't get mad when it becomes exploded all over the house.  Mine take days when killing a bed, pillow, rug, clothes, pine cones you name it they work it over.  Other times they are perfect angels.  Ours sleep with us and have a set of stairs for getting up and down.  2 adults 2 corgi's and a king bed.  If you don't throw them off the trail before you get in bed, you are hanging on the edge.

Mine like the orthpedic squishy foam types (they don't need them, but they like them).  When they were pups, however, the donut beds (or my laundry) where their favorite beds.


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