I am moving into a new house and am going to get a PetSafe dog door for the sliding glass door. My corgi, Sadie, is pretty small for a corgi and fits through the medium size. However, we are going to possibly be getting a new furry friend at the end of the year and want to see how big the "average" corgi is. Can someone please measure the width (across from foot to foot) and the withers (from floor to shoulders) and let me know!

The sizes are:
Medium: 8 1/8 x 11 3/4 (2" rise from ground)
Large: 10 1/8 x 15 3/4 (5" rise from ground)

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I have the medium, which worked well for my corgi and beagle. But it was a bit small for my springers. Problem was, the rise on the large size door is too high for the corgi (she jumps at 6" in agility.) So I stayed with small, and the flaps needed regular replacement. Also, when Old Dog got old, he couldn't crouch down to walk thru the door anymore without falling, so we had to open the human door for him.

The petsafe used to have a nice double flap door that closed nicely. Now they just have a single plastic panel with magnets on the bottom. I found a replacement that fit at petdoors.com, but I had to trim a little rubber off the sides to get a good fit.

I wish now that I had this door, http://www.petdoors.com/thermo-panel-iiie.html. It is double paned, with and adjustable rise, and insulated flap that looks like it would last much longer than my current brand. It also has a draft barrier, and bug barrier. It cost more, but having lived with this door for years, I think the additional cost would be worth it.

wow, that one does look pretty awesome. But, we have really high ceilings, so i need the special ones that can fit a 94" door, so that is going to be really expensive. So, i am going for the regular "freedom" one for now, but our local Home Depot has flap replacements for only around $30, and they have one that has the double flap! So if this one seems like it's letting in too much air/bugs, then i will go ahead and buy the double flap. Thanks!

I have the  large petsafe door for my sliding glass door. Franklin uses it just fine without any problems. My cats use it fine too and my parents 80 pound lab fits through it as well. The 4 inch rise barely goes up to franklin's chest and he can easily step over it. I got the bigger size because I plan on getting a large dog at the end of the school year. If you are going to only have corgis or smaller dogs then the medium will probably be just fine.
okay great. i will get the medium then, becuase i think we are going to be a corgi family forever. haha. i was just nervous that a "normal" corgi would be slightly too round to fit through the medium, haha. Sadie looks like she will fit perfectly fine, but she is smaller than most corgis. She is only 21lbs and everyone always thinks she is still a puppy, even though she is almost 3. haha

Hi Melissa and Franklin,

I am looking for a door and the ones on petsafe in the large size have a 9 inch stepover - that is too high for my Corgi.  It is over his agility jump height..  What model do you have?  I have a 50 lb lab/border collie mix that I'd like to try to fit through as well.


@ Julia : Thanks for posting that, haha. My fiance and I are deffinately getting one when we move into our house:D

Dino has a medium size and Snowball the eskie can get though that


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