Mishka and I are trying out a real agility class (as opposed to the 14 weeks of agility-for-fun classes we did a while back, and boy is it different!).  This week we're working at the club's outdoor location, so the instructor has asked us to bring our own crates.  Fortunately, the dog trailer for my bike can fold down and be used as a travel crate, so we're good for this weekend.


Looking ahead, though, if we were to continue in agility, I think it would be a good investment to get a separate soft-sided crate that is easier to move than the bike trailer behemoth.


Mishka is pretty average-sized for a corgi (hasn't budged from 29lbs in the last 6 months and he's almost 2 now), not a chewer, and would only be staying in the crate for short periods during class, and potentially longer periods outside at trials, if we get that far.


What do you folks use?  

Do you prefer a light-colored crate or a darker one for outdoor trials (we are in sunny sunny CA).

Is a side door valuable in addition to a front door?

Should I get a pop-out shiny shade as well (like for a car windshield)?

Do any of you use those cooling gel mats?

What is your go-to outdoor corgi-containment system?


I've found a number of possibilities on Amazon, etc. with a range of prices and ratings, but as Mishka is my first dog, and this is my first time sorting containment logistics for weekly use, I'd really appreciate suggestions!


Below is the bike behemoth:

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