We hope to be traveling about 3,000 round trip either mid Sept. or Oct. What we are wondering about are the following:


1. Hotels that are very pet friendly, have been looking at La Quinta for one are there any others

2. Areas we would not want to be in in Oklahoma, St. Louis Mo. all cities have good areas and bad and being from out of town we don't know the areas we wouldn't want to be in in those cities.


We know to plan on many stops we will be going between 500 and 600 miles a day. Once we know where we will be staying in the above cities will look into dog parks near us. I plan on taking bottled water for us and Sami to drink. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We are taking Sami back to see her doggy mom and dad and get a second corgi added to our family.

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1. Last year we stayed at 11 different hotels/motels under 3 weeks, generally the cheapest motels were very bad, I've seen roaches, bedbugs, fleas behind baseboards and fridge. We like La Quinta a lot, great price, clean and very pet friendly. We've also splurged on various hotels under Starwood, we like them enough to sign up their Preferred Guest membership.

2. Depends on route

Remember to bring a photocopy of Sami's rabies record, most dog park with attendants, groomers, doggy day care requires it. Get half a dozen of "capstar" for fleas just in case.
Be sure to have ID on your dog, a microchip is a good idea, use a crate or seat belt harness in the car. I'd take his entire shot record with me and his vet records if he has any health issues. I always pack a package of unscented baby wipes also. Great for poopy butts, muddy feet, dirty owner hands! Oh yes, take a current picture of him that shows lots of his markings in case he gets lost and you need to ID him. It's almost worse than travelling with a baby!! Please, please don't leave him in the car while you eat, shop, sightsee. Even if you think it's not too hot, you are in the shade, you won't be gone THAT long. You've heard all the excuses!! Doesn't take long to cook a dog in a car in the summer.
Very good ideas. We had already figured out that we will be eating in the car and have dinner in the room (out of a bag I'm sure) there is no way she will be left alone. Heck she is only alone here at home when she sleeps at night, one of us is always around her. The baby wipes I had not thought of they go on my list tonight. Thanks
We have great rest areas in FL that have a little walking room and typically have areas for pets. We have always found it to be relaxing to stop at the rest areas and allow us and the pups a break from the car. Our two LOVE to sleep in the car so that allows for easy travel. Have a great trip....I think it is fabulous that your baby is going with you and congrats on the new edition. ^-^
Laquintas are great!! We look for them all the time. A good tip... if you see in the description of the room that they have a 32" tv.... that, most of the time, indicates it's a new or recently remodeled property.

More and more motel chains are becoming dog friendly. But some of them have restrictions and or charge extra fees.

We also like Best Western, Comfort Inns, and when we want a little more in the way of amenities we look for a dog friendly Hampton Inn and feel lucky when we find one along our travelled routes.

We generally stop every 3 hours. I have an Odyssey mini van and at that point the gas tank is at about 1/2 and we're all ready for a little rest, stretch and refreshments. We always bring bottled water for Soffie and Griffyn. They drink only bottled water at home, so it's an easy way to be sure their intake of H2O stays the same.... last thing you want is an upset tummy!!

Karen has given you some great advise too!! As a matter of fact, we have never taken their records along with us but I think we'll start doing that too.

We have harnesses for short trips. But when we take a long trip we use the crates. Soffie has always been a good traveler and I think she'd manage either way. But Griffyn is very restless in the harness and so for peace of mind all around the crates seem to work best on a long trip.

Have a great trip!!! And best of luck with the new addition!!
We've stayed at 4 different La Quintas with Stanley and they are all pet friendly. I will say some are better than others but they were all clean and that's the most important part in my book! Stanley does tend to get a little barky in the hotels especially since we can sometimes hear other guests' dogs and there's a lot of foot traffic in the hallways. In my experience, they put all the people with pets on the first floor so it can get a little noisy. I believe Red Roof Inns are also pet friendly.

The best sites for planning trips with your pooch are dogfriendly.com, bringfido.com and yelp.com. Yelp is a site with reviews of restaurants, hotels, shops, etc. I use it to find dog-friendly restaurants. You can filter your results by listing only restaurants with outdoor seating. I usually call the restaurant too to double-check they allow dogs. Those sites have also helped me find some neat attractions that allow dogs. On our last trip, we took a boat tour of St. Augustine and Stanley came for the ride! Traveling with a dog definitely takes more planning and is more work in general, but it's also a ton of fun! Good luck!
Thanks for the information. We have never traveled with a dog, other then when we took 'Tedi to my cousins. Sami is great about riding in the car. I am pleased with any information or tips on this. Again thank you.


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