We entered a contest and they decided to play dirty... Well we will show them a fight they will never forget!

We shall rise up from the ashes and show them what Corgi Spirit can do!!!!

I decided to switch things up a bit. Since we're doing this to help with Roxi's vet bills I decided to add Roxi as the contestant instead.

So... I give you... VOTE FOR ROXI!

http://shar.es/X1Wyx  - Click the link and add a vote ONCE PER DAY till Jan 31st!

We may have lost the fight.. but we haven't lost the war!!

disclaimer: pppllleeasseee!! No cheating! It's very sweet you want us to win but that's what got us in trouble in the first place. :) Thanks!

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What!? No fun if we can't cheat!
Nooooo!!!! You said the wordthatshallnotbenamed! I'm doomed!! Dooooooomed!
Thank you for taking up the fight! It's a hard battle.. It's a long battle! But with the power of corginess we shall show them we will not roll over and show the our cute little bellies! We shall show them the power of our nubs! our cute little.. daww fuzzy nubs.. hello little nubs... (runs off to play with puppies) ehehehehe!
dont forget the cute tails too :) show them our corgi spirit :)
Oh no no no! The tailed corgs are the cavalry! Swooping in with their beautiful fox like tails in a surprise attack! The other contestants wont know what hit them!
You've got our vote too!! Good luck Roxi!!
Voted for Roxi!
We just voted our Saturday vote, Roxi has moved up 20 slots since we voted yesterday -- go go go!
Todays vote is in :)
voted today. I will try to remember to do it daily. good luck
Roxi is currently ranked 19th
with a total of 58 vote(s)


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